Our aim is to bring artisan Street food to functions and festival's with a diverse Range of flavours using only the best local produce. Everything we serve is locally sourced traceable and farmer assured. 
We want to share with you our passion for food by offering a range of fresh healthy meals from around the world.  A fusion of fresh herbs and spices used to flavour all our fresh, high end, quality cuts of meat. We cut no corners, everything that we do is homemade everything all the way down to our sauces which are freshly prepared before each function or festival. 
Here at Barbarian Barbeque we don't think there is any better way to cook other than with charcoal wood and smoke. Some of our meats are smoked using a traditional reverse flow smoker whilst other meat is chargrilled to perfection on our lumpwood bbq offering an amazing experience for everybodys tastebuds accompanied by a  selection of mouth watering side dishes and homemade sauces.
One of the big differences between us and other companies is the quality of our equipment.
Our CE approved hog roast machines make carving the succulent meat easy, from waste height. Our machines are reliable, fully automatic, purpose built and British made.
These hog roast machines are the only ones on the market that give consistent results time after time. They are user friendly, ergonomic and fully automatic for use inside or outside your venue.
Non CE approved spit roast machines are often homemade are both unsafe and unreliable in their results. There have been some high-profile cases where poor equipment resulted in undercooked meat being served at events and guests becoming ill as a result. Not a risk you want to take for your event you would no doubt agree.
Additionally a non CE approved spit roast machine or static hog oven can invalidate household insurance policies and may actually be illegal to hire or use in public places.